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About the Institution

Vardhman College, managed by Acharya Vidhyasagar Technical Education Society was established in the year 2005 with the sole objective of producing teachers with noble and elevating quality, who in turn, will achieve extra-ordinary merits and attainments. Our prestigious institution is an agent for dissemination of knowledge and culture and is an epitome of hopes and aspiration for numerous budding teachers. Today our institution boasts of being one of the leading institutions imparting high quality education, integrated with values and technology.


To promote academic excellence and create humane, self reliant teachers to face the local and global challenges of the society. Our academic result has been exemplary which has enabled us to secure one among the top slots in the Bhopal University. The secret behind our success is our ability to identify parameters that influence the self esteem of the learner inside and outside the classroom situation, the ability of the learners to communicate, solve problems and derive strength from interpersonal interaction.


To create opportunities for value based transactions and empower student-teachers to tackle professional and global issues through collaborations in a techno savvy era. To train, guide, reward, support the virtues and resources that may be inherent but lie latent in the student- teachers, so that the ‘Destiny Makers’ - teachers hold the progress of the nation in their hands. The institution plays a crucial role in enriching the personalities of student -teachers by providing with opportunities for overall development and equip to fulfill responsibilities.


• Contributing to national Development.
• Fostering global competencies among students.
• Including a value system among students.
• Promoting the use of technology.
• Quest for excellence.
• Envoirmental sensitivity.
• Democracy.
• Humaneness in all dealings.

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Address : Sona Sanwari Naka, Suraj Ganj, Itarsi 461111 (M.P.), India

Contact No.: 07570240170, 9425643123

Email : vc_itarsi@rediffmail.com

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